• Gain productivity: by implementing multi-variable calculators, registries, dynamic databases, desktop managers, format converters, etc., you can perform tasks that manually can take hours in literally seconds.
  • Gain accuracy: automations take not only the speed of your actions to the next level, but your calculations, stats displaying, scheduling, etc., must come up to be virtually 100% accurate.
  • Gain control: you can easily check up your staff’s activity from your pc by implementing collaboration features or you can ask them to pull out automated activity logs and send them to you. You decide which way better suits your needs.

Desktop Applications

We provide Desktop Application Development for Small Businesses. Our three customizable featured products are Lead Manager (CRM), InstaData (ERP) and InventoryTracker (Inventory)

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Express Web-Design

Fast, light-weight and modern web-page setup for Small Businesses. We provide a two-day webpage setup for your portfolio or blog.

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Remote Technical Assistance

We provide Microsoft Windows/Office troubleshooting, setting up an office network, and using a computer as a server in an small office.

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Graphic Design

We provide logos, advertising campaigns, etc. charged by the hour or by the job

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Calculate everything
with a few clicks

Multi-Variable Calculators

Very useful whenever you need to combine several variables to throw a quick value. Example: you need to send a quick quote for a garment that depends on size, type of fabric, color, and certain process, or you even need to give options on the fly over the phone.

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Convert file formats
in a matter of seconds

Format Converters

You have your own platform, let’s say a business manager, accounting software, POS, etc., and you need to pull out reports to work with them in Excel, but you need to re arrange everything in order to make it workable for you, and you spend 10-15 minutes every time. A format converter can have it ready for you in seconds, in exactly the same format you like to have it, already in Excel.

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Log everything
in a simple, convenient process


These have a number of different uses, they can either be used as a manager for a given position, that let’s say has to follow up a large amount of process with customers or suppliers, and need to be able to register with time stamp, then later filter and sort, or they can just record an activity to study the process later to implement improvements.

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Features offered in our array of softwares